Product and visual identity

Product design and visual identity for «Compartidos», a startup that sought to make life easier for separated parents with children in common.


UX / UI Project lead


Only me


Jan - Apr 2019



Sevillian startup whose purpose was to solve the problems of separated parents with children in common through a management app.


Common calendar

Android & IOS app to manage custody calendars, visits and common tasks of parents such as shopping, homework, after-school classes...

Product and visual identity


Create a product that is both useful and friendly for managing a process that is not pretty at base. A platform that facilitates necessary daily communication and provides reliable traceability of it.


"Parents at the center", the users would be separated mothers and fathers who would like to manage both the custody calendar and the shared obligations of parenting on a day-to-day basis, always looking out for the interests of the children.


The design process began with meetings and engagements with the client to understand the problem they were looking to solve, which led to the initial concept of the visual id project and low-fi wireframes and high-fi prototypes and app interactions.

Development of visual identity and friendly narrative, avoiding gender bias.
Detail of functionalities
Main screen and calendar detail
Onboarding process and previous configuration.

The project did not finally reach the market; Despite this, the opportunity to work on a product from the idea to its final development was enriching.

User feedback in decision making and the active participation of the development team shaped a product that solved the initial problem in form and functionality.